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"Magna Carta: The Musical Trial of King John" is a spin off of the "Robin Hood" musical I adapted and directed for the Cayman stage last year. "I was fascinated with the evil Prince John and his mistress, the wicked Elizabeth de Staynton - prioress of Kirkless(who murdered Robin Hood), so I started doing research on them. I found King John was not as evil as I thought and Elizabeth de Staynton was one of the most fascinating and cunning women in history!" The idea of staging a musical based on their lives started germinating and "Magna Carta" is the result. "I took the idea to my friends Chuck and Barrie Quappe' - two very talented musicians and with no persuasion at all they agreed to write the music."

"I hope you find "Magna Carta" a wonderful experience as I have done."
- Colin Wilson

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