Welcome to Magna Carta, The Musical Trial of King John

Cast and Crew

John Plantagent, King of England
Countess Isabella of Gloucester
William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke
Princess Joan of England
Prioress Elizabeth De Staynton
Baroness Matilda De Briouze
Countess Isabella of Angouleme
Lord Robert Fitzwalter
Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine
Arthur, Duke of Brittany
Lady Rohese Fitzwalter
Gerard D'Athee
Matilda Fitzwalter
Brian De Lisle
Cardinal Stephen Langton

Baron William De Briouze
Duchess Constance of Brittany
Countess Chantillion
Fawkes De Breate
Sir Fouke Fitz Waryn
Isabelle De Clare Marshal, Countess -
of Pembroke
Lord Eustace De Vesci
Duchess Alice of Brittany
Lady Maude Le Vavasour
Eustace the Monk
William (Walter) Marshall II

Colin Wilson
Dody Denman

Chuck Quappe': Musical Director
Barrie Quappe': Co-Director
Phil Pace: Producer
Peter Phillips: Stage Manager, Special Effects,
Set Design, Set and Prop Construction
Violetta Kanarek: Costume Design
and Production
Kim Marsh: Choreographer

Chuck Quappe': Guitars, Keyboards,
Drum Programming, Vocals
Barrie Quappe': Percussion, Congas,
Timpani, Vocals
Chris Bowring: Keyboards
Royce Scott: Bass
Sue Horrocks: Flute
Nancy Saur, Peter Bodden: Vocals
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